Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Coffee Crisis...what can I do?

The more I research the topic of coffee and sustainability the more inflamed I get that more companies aren't doing something about the injustices inflicted on the farmers from whom we get this daily obsession. As we wake up each morning stumbling to the coffee maker for that sweet satisfaction of the first sip that enables us to fully open our eyes and speak coherent sentences, or on our way to work as we nonchalantly drop $5.00+ down for some sweet concoction that somehow manages to drip on our new white blouse, our when we need a pick-me up after our sleepy lunch hour, or when we meet up with someone new at our local coffee shop, this indulgent drink that has become such a habit in our daily lives, comes from the sweat on the brow of a poor farmer who contemplates pulling his children out of school to help increase production; from a community that has no health care or education. It is a crisis that we have to help bring awareness to.

So you ask, well what can I do? Anytime you purchase a cup of coffee ask the person you're buying it from if it comes from a sustainable roaster, or a roaster that supports fair trade. If it doesn't, request it and don't keep spending your money there until they change. If it does sell sustainable coffee, give the owner a high five. :)

Support business that support sustainability and fair trade...wouldn't you rather know that while you enjoy that cup of coffee, more of your money is going back to the farmers hands that created it? I'm working on a list of where you can purchase sustainable coffee locally...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your passion. I will begin to inquire. And I like Green Cup.

Green Cup said...

Right on! I'd love to hear how it goes.

Ariel said...

I like your approach on this. My favorite local coffee co. in Kansas City (The Roasterie) is all about Fair Trade beans.